About Our Pastor

Whenever driving along Route 45 in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, you are bound to catch a glimpse of a charming, white, two-story church known as the Mullica Hill Baptist Church. At its Southern location it oversees a row of antique shops and boutiques. The church's outward appearance is inviting, and once inside you will notice the appealing worshipful tone of the stained glass windows adorning the main sanctuary. "It's what's inside that counts," as the old adage says, and here is where God's message is delivered with great fervor each week by Pastor Alfred McLeod.

Pastor McLeod has a didactic approach to the teaching of God's Word and presents it with unrestricted passion and energy. He has a high regard for the Bible and conveys its truth by explicating a few verses at a time. One need not expect to get a light sampling or "taste" of God's word. Pastor McLeod's messages are complete "meals" for spiritual appetites to feast upon.

Pastor McLeod supports scriptural passages by drawing on evidence provided through other portions of Scripture to uphold its themes and messages, and thereby, shows that the Bible is consistent in its teaching. He also mingles humor, science, logic, and history to enhance, explain, and enforce biblical principles. While many churches are content to tread lightly on God's word by presenting sermons that are easy-on-the-ears, Pastor McLeod's approach is that of a straight-shooter. His intention is to present an accurate picture of the sinfulness of man before a holy and righteous God. People need the truth that comes straight from God so they can understand their own depravity and their need for the life saving, soul cleansing salvation that is only offered through God's Son, Jesus Christ.

The messages that are taught at Mullica Hill Baptist Church are as old as time and eternity. That is because they are based on the eternal word of God, and yet, touches the heart of people throughout every era. This is due to our human tendencies which are the same today as in the time of the biblical writings. Today, as always, our striving with our emotions, desires, and achievements can lead us far from our heavenly Father who loves us. Pastor McLeod lifts Scripture from off the pages of the Bible and establishes its relevance within our modern world. He explains that we can be brought near to God through Jesus Christ our Savior. He presents personal applications to be observed and established as an integral part of our daily relationships so we learn how to react to people and circumstances as earthly representatives of God's Heavenly Kingdom.

There is always something new to glean from the Bible's timeless pages. God's word is truth, and the pastor's messages are true to God's word.

May we introduce our pastor Dr. Al McLeod, Th.D., Ph.D.


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